Friday, August 15, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Lindsie McDaniel...

It's been an emotional week in the McDaniel household this week. We've had some real highs and some real lows this week and truthfully, I am exhausted. We were able to spend an unexpected day together as a family on Monday as we made the last minute decision to head down to Twin Falls for the temple open house. It was amazing! After we went to Shoshone Falls which was incredible! I felt so blessed that day as I spent an unexpected day with Josh and Ava I am so lucky to have an amazing family! We've also had some unexpected lemons thrown our way and yesterday morning was the peak of feeling down. I was having a really hard time getting started for the day and was struggling to keep it all together. It just feels like sometimes when you finally feel like you are getting really good at juggling all those responsibilities, the littlest setback can bring you right back down to reality. Anyway, I was feeding Ava yesterday morning and really going through a mental battle of whether or not I was going to drop the ball and ditch out on all responsibilities for the day or just pick myself up and deal, when I looked over at the table next to me and noticed a plaque that has sat on that table for the entire two years we have been in this house and we even had it in our old house before we moved.
and for the first time in...who knows how long... I started to read it.
I must have loved the saying on this plaque when I bought it, otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't have purchased it. I sit next to it three times a day as I feed Ava and I dust it at least once a week, but as I read it yesterday morning, I didn't recognize what it said, it had been so long, it was like I was reading it for the first sad, especially when I needed to hear it so much.
Just in case you can't read it:
Is a circle of love and strength.
With every birth and every union the circle grows.
Every joy shared adds more love,
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.
This was the epitome of my week. I have felt amazing joy this week, but amazing stress and sadness. I so easily cling to my family when facing joy, but when facing a "crisis" ( I don't think I would take it that far, but you get the picture) I tend to let it weaken us rather than make us stronger. I am thankful that I have such an amazing family, and an amazing husband to lean on. I know that we can make it through anything.
I'm proud to say that I did pull it together yesterday, accomplishing all that I had set out to and it ended up being a really good day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Okay, Let's talk...

Okay, so the other day I was watching a friends kids (ages 2,4,6, and 8) when I asked the 4-year-old if he wanted to read some books, he said sure and ran to his room and back out with a small stack of books. We read through a few books and then it became time to read Chickerella.

As I read the book out loud, by now three of the four kids are listening plus Ava, something started feeling a little off.
Here's a little summary:
So it starts off as your typical Cinderella story starring a chick. Her mother was carried away by a fox, and her father remarried, bringing along stepsisters Ovumelda and Cholestera. Chickerella's father is sent off on a wild goose chase and Chickerella becomes a slave in her own coop and is made to sleep in the spring house. As Chickerella fed herself from bugs that lived on the spring house walls and drank from the spring itself, she discovered that she was laying eggs of clear glass. They were beautiful and so unlike the eggs from the other chicks.
...So far, it's kind of cheesy but cute and funny and, by the way, the illustrations are hilarious. But then it starts to fall off the typical Cinderella story board...
The invitation arrived for all chicks to go to the Fowl Ball. Chickerella wanted to go too, but she wasn't interested in getting married to the prince; she just wanted to see the gowns. After seeing her stepsisters off to the ball, she is visited by her Fairly Goosemother.
...okay, not quite the same, but we can go with it, but then...
Poof, and she's off to the ball, to find that the prince isn't interested in getting married either. He's there to see the gowns as well, and together, he the Fairy Goosemother, and Chickerella start up their own fashion design team...

Now, I'm not saying that men don't belong in the fashion industry. I'm just saying, why couldn't he be interested in the beautiful chicks and the beautiful gowns at the same time? Talk amongst yourselves...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bittersweet Relief...

How do I say goodbye? I finished it! I'm having mixed feeling about being done. In my quest to fill my vampire void upon completing Breaking Dawn, I did a little net surfing. I found these t-shirt idea here.
I would love to buy this shirt for Josh. But I'm sure he would rather me get him this one:

Josh and I had different ideas the first couple of days after I got the book because all I wanted him to say was, "Honey, you work hard, why don't you go read your book while I _________________ (insert household/Ava responsibility of your choice).

and for some reason he just wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear, I'm now thinking maybe he was feeling a little cheated on.


I can't put it down! All I want to do is read, read, read, and I just don't have the time!
I am so torn, I am reading every chance I get and I just can't get through it fast enough, but at the same time, I want it to last forever! I feel like I need to read it as quickly as possible so the chances of coming upon spoilers are less likely. I am already really worried about getting on others' blogs just in case they posted about it. I am loving every second of it so far, hope I love the rest...
Go Team Edward!
Honestly, how can I be in love with two men at once (Josh and Edward), especially when one of them is a 17 year old fictional character!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ava's Future Career...?

Playboy Playmate? AHHHH! I would die!
Ava was so excited to get in the tub last night. I had to take some pictures.
To my surprise she totally started posing.
Okay, I have heard of a double chin, but I have never heard of double cheeks!
...booty cheeks, that is.
Luckily I don't think Hugh Hefner excepts women with this much junk in the trunk.
I think we are safe!

Just a reminder....

No that is not resi-poo on her booty, it is a little mole.

And just because she is so dang cute I threw in a few more.

Gotta love bathtime.