Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When Does It Stop?

When do things stop getting better?
It seems like everything we are experiencing with Ava keeps getting more and more exciting, fun, and rewarding.
This is our third year going to the fair with Ava and each year has consistently been more fun with her. Last year we thought it was so great, but this year was even better. As we walked around this year I wondered if next year would be even better or if it would be the same as the year before. Josh was really wanting to take Ava on a few rides, but we agreed to hold off for one more year so there is something new and exciting to look forward to next year.
Last year, Ava wasn't walking yet, but she thought the petting zoo was so much fun. We bought a cup of animal food and put it on her stroller tray and the animals would eat it right off her tray. She would laugh hysterically.
This year, she was holding her own. Walking and holding the food in her hand to feed the animals and she loved it. She thought all of the "puppies" were so much fun to feed and pet and play with.
It was so much better than last year!
Last year we saw the pony ride and thought Ava would enjoy it, but we decided against it. We didn't think her little body was quite ready to handle it.
But this year...
She was ready and she LOVED it!
That grin didn't leave her face the entire time.
She was in heaven and we were in heaven just watching her.
We both agreed that it was well worth the outrageous $5 it cost to ride.
Will it be as priceless next year?
Josh couldn't leave without taking Ava on one ride, and we thought the carousel was the perfect one.
Sure enough, she loved it, laughing and smiling the entire time.
I loved being able to stand back and take it all in as Ava and Dad rode.
I was glad she went on the carousel and excited for next year when she gets to experience many more rides.
It will be something to look forward to that will probably be better next year.
Of course, no trip to the fair is complete without a souvenir and besides the extra 5 pounds we each took home from eating fair food, Josh bought Ava this light up ball. She got one last year too, and she loved it last year. She loved when we turned it on and she could watch the lights, but this year...
She could do it herself!
She thought it was so exciting to turn it off and then on and act surprised. Her expressions were priceless!
I look forward to going to the fair next year and experiencing more new things with Ava. I just hope that it keeps getting better and better every year.