Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nothin' Better!

It just doesn't get any better than this!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because I promised a post...

...and if I don't post something TODAY, I may not be alive tomorrow. So if you can't get ahold of me tomorrow, not that it would alarm most of you considering I never answer my phone, you may want to call the cops and let them know I may be dead, and there's a good chance the name of the killer is...GRANDMA.

...and because I am going through some kind of a blogger's block and I can't think of anything interesting or not so interesting to blog about, I have chose a few random thoughts that have been consuming my mind lately.

Thanks for tuning in...ENJOY!

So, not much has been going on because this little girl has been...
SICK, and....
We been dealing with a cold for a week and just got the verdict from the doctor this morning...
Antibiotic...check! Hopefully we are on the mend.
She's not napping and I am going CRAZY!

But that's pretty boring, so let's move on...

I put ava's hair in pigtails about a month ago. I couldn't decide if I liked them or not. Her hair is so curly that you could barely tell they were in pigtails. However, looking back at these pictures, I am thinking they were pretty cute and might try again soon.
She looked so grown up!

Next bit of randomness...
This is Josh's older brother, Jason, and his wife, Callie. We sure do like them. They came up a while ago to visit and we took some pictures of them for their adoption portfolio. They have been trying to have a baby for a long time and finally made the decision to adopt.

This is Josh posing with Jason to show Callie where he wanted her to be for the next picture.
I thought it was so cute.

This is how their picture turned out...

Good call on the pose Josh... anyway, the reason I bring this up is a couple months later they found out they were HAVING a baby! We are so excited for them, and for Ava to have a little cousin to play with in a few months. Congrats guys. We love you and baby.
Speaking of moms and babies. Here's a heart warming story and because I don't have any pictures from it, here's a little visual for you...

back in September, Ava and I, along with my friend Sunny and 15,000 other women participated in a 5K walk/run to celebrate women and raise money for women's health. It was an incredibly rainy day, so I don't know why we decided to go ahead with it, STUPID, just plain stupid. Anyway, back to the story. I loaded Ava up in her stroller and draped her blanket over her stroller to shield her from the rain and we were off on our really STUPID adventure. We were having fun though, Sunny and I were chatting away, listening to the bands, I'm sure we threw in a little trash talk too. We reached the top of a hill and I heard someone's baby screaming. I'm looking around for the culprit when Sunny notices Ava's body hanging out of the front of the stroller. I throw the blanket off and realize her entire body is being suspended in air because her giant head has remained trapped in her stroller by the stroller tray. I freak. throw the tray open and hold on to my screaming little girl for dear life. She rest her head on my shoulder and quiets almost immediately. I am almost too worried to pull her off my shoulder to check to see if she is alive and breathing, but she is and we are safe. She had fallen asleep and must have slipped down because she wasn't buckled in. It was a big stoller...I never buckled her in. Lesson learned. I may not have won the 5k that day, but I did win Mother of the Year.
Back to the diagram, basically the same thing but Ava was turned around facing forward, screaming for her life and not one of the 15,000 women ever noticed or bothered to say something. LOSERS!
She also wasn't wearing socks, just shoes that got so soaked from being left hanging in the rain for who knows how long that they wouldn't stay velcroed or on, so I took them off and let her ride barefoot in the stroller... and THEN the 15,000 women begin to notice and give the most disgusted looks because, "who would let there daughter be out in the rain with no shoes or socks on?" GET OVER IT! If you thought that was bad you should have seen what happened about five minutes ago at the top of the hill when this same baby almost died by hanging.
Gotta love women, joining together for a good cause, supporting other women and making them feel like CRAP!
We were glad to get home and both take really long naps.
Can't wait until next year!
Mother/Daughter traditions are the best!