Monday, January 18, 2010


I never took 1 month pictures, it just snuck by.
I remembered at six weeks when I put him in the same outfit he wore when he was
It was practically too small and made me realize how quickly he is growing.
He's well over ten pounds now!
Dang he's cute.

She Likes Her Some Fashion

Ava's caught the fashion bug...
I guess that's what happens when Santa brings you a pair of skinny jeans
when your just two years old.

Who said girls with chunky thighs can't wear skinny jeans...

She's rockin' them.

Makes Me Smile...

Do let me explain...
Josh is wearing a bandanna because it has Vicks vapor rub on it and he had a sore throat,
not because he is trying to be sexy even though it is really sexy.
Ava is wearing Elmo pajamas because somewhere along the way I renegotiated my "no character clothing" stance to allow clothing that never leaves the house (i.e. pajamas).
That is until this week when I broke down and bought her an Elmo t-shirt, but it was on clearance at Old Navy for next to nothing and actually kind of cute. Plus, I was missing her because she went on a trip with Josh for a couple of days and I was excited to surprise her with it.
Dexter, well, he's naked because he likes to spit up A LOT so he hasn't earned the right to wear clothing. Tough Love, that'll teach him. :)
I love my little family, even on days like this.


Christmas was great.
We were having such a great time, just our little family and afterward we realized we took very few pictures.
But, here is what we got...

the favorite gift.