Thursday, June 25, 2009

with Terrible Twos comes Exciting News!'s been a while. I have a couple of excuses, but truthfully, they are probably just excuses. I'll go ahead and use them anyway.

Excuse #1...Ava has been making up for lost time. Remember our sweet little girl...she hit the terrible twos and HARD! Some days I think either she or I will not make it through the day alive.

This is a fit she was throwing because I wouldn't let her play with my cell phone. She is really good at calling people, and lets just say that my service plan does not include international phone calls.

This is Ava trying to make herself throw up...just for fun, to see if I will give her my phone. NOT A CHANCE! I am learning to play hard ball.

Did you spot Excuse #2 in the pictures above?

If not, maybe you can figure it out from the following picture...

And if you are not quite functioning at full capacity today and still didn't figure it out, let me spell it out for you...

Baby #2 is on the way and hopefully making an appearance on or before December 16th and let me tell you, this tiny little creature has not been very nice. I have been sick, tired, and experiencing nearly daily migraines. I am finally starting to enjoy life again.

Hopefully, come December, the naughty little princess will realize the world no longer revolves around her.

Here's to hoping!


'Nuff Said!

actually...let me just say that I did not ask Ava to be a part of these photos. I was merely taking photos to show Josh when he got home from work and she wanted to be in the picture with her masterpiece.

Time Out, So Much Fun?!

This is Ava in her Time Out corner...

and THIS is what Ava thinks about time out...

I'm at a loss...

Feeding Group Graduate

Ava has been going to a group once a week for over a year now to help her learn how to eat. When we first started going, Ava wouldn't touch food at all and would not eat much more than baby food. Today was her last feeding group. She now eats just about anything and with her own hands. Today was a bittersweet day for me. Ava has loved going to this group and loves the kids and therapists she plays with every week. However, I am so relieved that we no longer need this service. The majority of the kids in this group all have feeding tubes because they have such extreme food aversions. Often times they are still not consistent eaters by the time they turn three and have to leave the program because of age. The first part of the group is play time. There was so many fun things that Ava loved to do. Her favorite was the ball pit, but over time she grew to love being thrown around in the large balloon.

The second part of the group is the feeding time. The kids sit around a little table and play with/eat different foods. There are never any expectations placed on the kids so they feel very comfortable with the food. It was amazing to watch many of the kids in Ava's group go from totally non-eaters to eaters.

The group ends with the kids sitting in a circle and singing a bye bye song. Ava loved this part and tries to initiate the song at home all the time.

These two women are angels in our eyes. Amy and Joan are the therapists that hold the group every Thursday. The patience and love they showed to Ava was priceless.
Luckily, we get to keep seeing Amy every other week for Ava's therapy sessions as well as at Tumble Time every week. We love them!