Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 Months

It's currently his favorite place to be.
He just started playing with all the toys on it.
It's so much fun to watch.
I love the bottom three pics.
In the first one I like to imagine him saying, " You messin' with me?"
and then he puts him in his place.
In the second picture I like to think he is thinking, " Oh, I never imagined it would taste so good!"
Funny little guy.
and do you wanna know what it's looking like down below?...
Oh yeah! Juicy Delicious Goodness!

2Cool 2Be 4Gotten

Need I say more?!

Monday, April 5, 2010

great day.
great messages.
great family.
great life.

but what little bunny was it...

The Easter baskets were a hit.

and so were our little bunnies.

Hoppy Easter!

Leading Up to the Big Day

We love attending the Grantham Family's Easter Egg Hunt every year.
This year was even better because Ava was on her own with no help from mom or dad and she loved it.
We were so glad they had it a couple of weeks early because the weather was great and it gave us a chance to participate in the
Easter Eggstravaganza at Zoo Boise...

I think everyone who lives in Boise was there, but we had a great time.
She was a pro Easter egg hunter
loved the carousel ride
and made lots of new friends.
Ava was excited to pet the (dead) bobcat until Josh purposely scared her and then she was really unsure but pulled through and loved it so much that as we were walking away she said to the bobcat, "thank you, buh bye!"
I love getting the most out of a holiday and starting off early and this year we succeeded.