Thursday, July 15, 2010

The End of an Era

Just prior to Ava's third birthday she moved on from the amazing Infant Toddler Program she has been a part of since she was 10 months old. We have been given so many amazing opportunities through this program. One of our favorite though was Tumble Time. Ava went once a week and learned to do amazing things with her little body. When we first started Ava wasn't even walking and it typically took at least two adults to make her body do the things that were being asked of her. She would be exhausted by the end of the hour and would rarely make it through without a meltdown.

Now she can do the majority of the exercises all by herself including the balance beam where she just needs a little support for balance. She loves the bars, jumping on the trampolines, doing somersaults, playing with her friends, and getting stamps.

We were so sad to have to say goodbye to all her friends, especially her friend Arthur who she took an extra special liking to. They had so much fun together and Ava was so excited to see him every week. This also meant the end of seeing Amy, Ava's OT who has been an angel in our lives, on a weekly basis.

Luckily we still get to see Miss Shaina every week because we decided to continue to do Tumble Time. Now Ava goes to a class all by herself and I get to sit out and just watch. She has grown so much and we just love it.

Ava turning three also meant saying good bye to Ava's sweet speech therapist, Marsha who came to our house once a week to work with Ava.

We feel very blessed to have had these women in our lives.

We have also been enjoying the nice break from a schedule this summer and are excited for Ava to attend the developmental preschool at our neighborhood elementary school beginning in a week.

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Catherine said...

What a rockin gymnastics program! Ave looks super happy. Yea! I can't wait to put our little monkey, Jonny, in a gymnastics class in the spring. We would sign him up in the fall, but with the baby coming any day and teaching preschool, too, I want to keep life simple until I get used to things.

PS) I love all the updates. I'm so glad you posted. You made me smile!