Friday, August 14, 2009


This is Ava saying our family prayer a month or so ago. Sadly, she lost motivation around the end because she has the best way of saying "Jesus". She says it in a really deep voice and it sounds like she is speaking spanish because she pronounces it "hey-soos". We love the way she folds her arms for a prayer. Look for it after Josh says, " Heavenly Father". Ignore the hiccups, she gets them all the time. This girl is keeping us going lately and loves to get a laugh out of us, and she is pretty dang good at it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catch UP!

Sorry for the late posts...but here are a few things that happened during the month of July that are too important to pass up. ENJOY!

Ava turns Two!

Ava's second birthday came and went so quickly! Her big day was pretty low key, but I think she still felt special. We went to breakfast at one of our new favorite places, Rockies and then headed to Costco to pick up cupcakes.
I think Ava felt extra special because Grandma and Papa came up to spend some time with her.

Papa really enjoyed the party!

She received some great gifts including, a shopping cart with food, a Betty Crocker kitchen set complete with apron, oven mit, spoon, etc., a cute red chair, some moolah, a baby doll, a couple of books, a dress, and a mommy kit containing everything she could need to take care of her new baby.

Her favorite present was her new kitchen!
I didn't know how much I would loathe this kitchen and the mess it makes for me to clean up every day, but she thinks it is great and that makes it worth it!
She wasn't loving opening the presents, but she did love having everyone sing happy birthday to her and blowing out the candles.

...and of course eating an entire giant cupcake all by herself!

4th of July

The 4th of July was go, go, go this year! We got roped into helping clean the church bright and early ;) and then we were off to the parade down town. Ava picked herself up a little American flag and thought it was great, she also enjoyed making friends with the hundreds of other people enjoying the parade.

We ended up leaving early because it was so dang hot, and prego wasn't handling it very well. The perfect solution was to head over to the Cromar's 4th of July Celebration. We enjoyed the pool again this year and had an awesome barbecue, it is seriously the best...looking forward to next year!

We were a little bummed because last year we had the perfect view from the Cromar's party for the fireworks at Eagle Island, but this year they didn't do it. So we were daring and headed downtown to let Ava experience the downtown fireworks for the first time. We did a few sparklers, courtesy of the Grantham's...and got in trouble, courtesy of the security! They let us off easy and I think it was worth it because Ava held her very first sparkler that night.
The fireworks were AWESOME! Ava LOVED it, and we decided to make a new tradition of it, however, I keep forgetting I will have a six-month old next 4th of July...We may have to rethink that.